Chopped Dinner

We bring the basket of ingredients.  Our chef helps your team create and prepare a menu based upon the ingredients.  When the meal is ready, everyone gets to try the fruits of their labor.   It's hands on fun for the whole group. 


Pasta Making

The group learsn the tricks to great pasta will helping our chef prepare a wonderful 3 course Italian meal.  After the cooking, everyone gets to sit down together and share their hard work. 



Easier than you think, making sushi is simple once you master a few techniques.  Your group will have fun as they learn these simple techniques, then roll their own rolls to enjoy with one another. 


Easy Weeknigh Meals

Everyone is busy these days.  We can help teach your team ways to make healthy, easy meals during the busy week to keep them going strong.  This hands on class will not only teach them how to eat well during the week but is also a fun class that results in a great meal.